Our 26 passenger luxury limo coach/party bus is Connecticut’s best coach!

Our brand new limo coach is fully loaded with luxurious wrap around limo seating for 26 passengers. It includes a bathroom for the convenience and comforts of our guests. Our wood floors ensure maximum cleanliness and attracive appearance for every reservation. The premium sound system can connect to any type of mobile playlist our guests bring along for their special occasion! Touch screen controls allows the guests to easliy set climate control, light ambience and general settings to thier event preferences. The color wash features soft lighting to full night club laser light show and every setting in between!
The private bathroom saves time in your day! The wood floors allow the bus to be completely cleaned after every reservation.

There are two full size coolers built in to store your beverages on ice.

The Bluetooth connectivity and premium sound system allows our passengers full control over your playlists!

Champagne (Barefoot Moscato Spumante) is provided with a wedding package and your toast is prepared just before you board from your ceremony, so your guests just raise their glasses to commemorate!

The walk-through video portrays our premium limo lighting that provides a festive and fun atmosphere throughout your event!

Check to see if our 26 passenger limo coach with a lav is available for your upcoming event!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Brian Nelson